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Made-To-Measure Wedding Suits

We’re the Made-To-Measure Wedding Specialists.

We’re here to take away your stress & serve you through a completely personalized experience. Looking for made-to measure wedding suits ? An extension of your personal style is at your doorstep now. We provide luxurious, and well-priced marriage suit services through experienced stylists. You will find the finest range of fabrics and a large selection of designs when finding the best wedding dress for groom. Closely fitted try-ons for every body type can be discovered effortlessly. Flawless technology used for precision resulting in impeccable craft. We are offering you the different color options like blue, grey, navy, white wedding suits etc.

Providing an exceptional experience of men tailored suits.  Our showrooms are a one-stop destination for all your personalization needs. Our team of stylists and master tailors dedicatedly work towards finding the perfect for custom tailored suits i.e. fabrics, custom trims, and impeccable fit for your look.


The pricing below are only some examples.

We customise packages to your needs. We don’t sell you things you don’t need.

Viscose Groom

  • Viscose Suit
  • Extras: None
  • Up to 400 Fabrics
  • Canvassed Construction

Wool Groom

  • Wool Suit
  • Extras: None
  • Upto 800 Fabrics
  • Canvassed Construction

Viscose Party

  • 3x Viscose Suits
  • 3x Shirts & 1x Shoes
  • Upto 400 Fabrics
  • Canvassed Construction

Wool Party

  • 3x Wool Suits
  • 3x Shirts & 1x Shoes
  • Upto 800 Fabrics
  • Canvassed Construction



We would like to have 4-5 weeks to deliver your suit, but also prefer to order your fabrics as early as possible to secure them.

Devonché allows you to get every aspect of your suiting for you and your groomsmen sorted. We have multiple packages for groom and groomsmen that allow matching fabrics across different price ranges and also some that include free shirts, shoes or accessories.

Yes, we do suits for women and men. Get in touch for more info!

We first have a free consultation to get an idea of your wedding requirements. Then we design and conduct our measurement and 3D scanning process, we then ask for 60% of the full payment to order your desired fabric. The rest is paid on pickup of your suit.

Devonche covers all alterations during the fitting process until you are more than happy with your purchase.

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