What is Devonche?

Devonche is about the pursuit of perfection –

Custom Tailored Suits in New Zealand are inaccessible and below par, we’re here to change that.

Be exemplary.

Be iconic.

With Devonche.


Why Custom Tailored Suits?

Made to your measurements, inspired by your imagination –

We take fitting to a whole new level with exclusive 3D scanning technology. With over 1000 Fabrics and 55 design options to choose from!

Where else but Devonche?

This was the first custom made suit I’ve ever ordered. I was really impressed with way it fitted my body and really felt like it was truly made for me. I’ve personally always had trouble trying to find trousers that fit me well. I’m quite choosy when it comes to the fitting of trousers; whether it’s the length of the trouser itself, or the width of it and the way it falls over your legs. I must say that I was definitely satisfied of the fitting of the trousers and have already recommended Devonche to quite a few people. In the future, I’ll be excited to buy another suit so that I could also use the new body scanner which outputs accurate results of the essential measurements needed for your custom made suit.

Sidd Kumar

Ive always thought that buying custom wear was too expensive and would be no different than going to your normal retail store and getting a shirt, suit or whatever as long as it fits. Until I bought a shirt from Devonche just to try it out, I pretty much paid the same price from stores that I buy from but the superior quality, the perfect fitting and the personal touches that you can add to what you buy is what sets Devonche apart. I would definitely recommend anyone to try out Devonche especially if you were in the same mindset as me beforehand not knowing what customwear was.

EJ Quimba

I was really happy with Devonche’s products. Personally, I am a very active gym goer and so some of my proportions are not standard, which made it difficult to find clothes that would fit well. However, a friend recommended I try Devonche and I couldn’t be happier with the products. I would recommend it to anyone who wants clothes that are original, stylish and comfortable!

Peter M.

From the moment I approached Devonche for consultation till now, I have not been compromised one bit for anything. They offered me a quality transformation, and they delivered. Thank you Devonche for the wonderful experiences at such a affordable price, I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a customized wardrobe.

Derek Leung